Conduct, Rules And Regulations

Conduct, Rules And Regulations

 1)      The students are required to maintain discipline and descent behavior in the class, laboratories, workshop, canteen etc. They must follow the order of Director, faculty and other superiors.

 2)      Students must pay fees and other dues in time without any delay.

 3)      Students should enter in the institute with Identity card, rather he/she should carry Identity card all the time.

 4)      A student is not eligible to receive any refund of tuition fees of other fee/charges paid for the year.

 5)      If a student is found guilty of beach of discipline violation of code of conduct within or outside of the jurisdiction of the institute, the director may according to the nature and gravity of offence suspend him/her from attending classes or disqualify such student from appearing in the next incoming examination or rusticate such student , or expel such student from the institute and remove his/her name from the register of enrolled students.

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