Computer Science

Computer Science

The biggest boom of 21st century is science of computing and its development towards the need and necessities of mankind in the walk of areas wherever man can imagine the existence of the world. Very small technologies like Hardware and Software jointly have given impetus to explore the world in a new phora.

ITS too is not spared with this aspect the intellectual scientists, laboratories and environment proved the mental to improve the social order of the nation and give the possibilities of growth to the younger generation.

Computer Science Engineering is a field in constant change, because of technological advancements which is increasing exponentially. We are in very friendly atmosphere, open to ideas and open to people. We ask questions to masses and self and we challenge to ideas. We believe in our subject and in its potential. Our degree programmes recognize the ever-increasing importance of computer systems in the fields such as commerce, industry, government and scientific research and development. We offer two programmes:

i)  B.Tech

ii)  M.Tech

This Institute attracts brightest students and faculty, and invites you to join us in the excitement.

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