Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

In the modern world we see tremendous progress in each sphere. But every sphere require civil engineering works in its starting i.e. Building etc. Civil Engineering has very vast field, we see that in all fields whether railway, thermal power plants and other energy sources hydro power plants etc, highways, residential buildings etc we require civil engineers.

The Institute of Technology and Sciences is preparing efficient civil engineers. It has experienced and well educated faculty. It has following labs:

        1)      Surveying Lab

2)      SA Lab

3)      Environmental Lab

4)      T.E. Lab

5)      Soil Engineering Lab

6)      Geology Lab

7)      Concrete Lab

8)      F.M. Lab

All the labs are well equipped. Moreover in students are taken out for field visits on existing as well as on going structures during the study for detailed understanding of the subjects/projects. 

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